Taka Masu

Taka Masu(1946~) was born in Nagasaki Pref.
In 1967 he became the actor of a famous theatrical company in Tokyo.

In 1973 he resigned the actor and visited U.S. to learn painting.
For he had loved drawing the pictures from childhood, he had copied many old
Japanese style paintings with a thin brush in only black color..called SUMIE.

As a painter he had gained many prizes and become popular.

At the age of 50 he started the ceramic art.
The thin delicate lines and exotic patterns of his works are very popular.

Square bottle "Hare and Hound"

Small container -Safflower-
JPY 22,050
Details here
Small container -elephant-
JPY 28,350
Details here

Cup & Saucer

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