Goro Suzuki(1941-)

People says he is a genius with the natural endowment.

Mr Goro Suzuki had tried to use uncountable sorts of clays and grazes. His technique is forged by a lot of trials.
His tremendous amount of ideas are so outstanding and he has trained hard to achieve what he wants to do.

He has often challenged to create the very huge ceramic potteries, unbelievable shape that nobody has ever thought of. And he painted them with unique designed pattern and colors. He seems to be so happy when he talks about what he is going to do next time.

Sake bottle with his signed box


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Guinomi of colored stone with his signed box


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Yellow Seto tea bowl with his signed box

12.4×12.2×h8.5 cm

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Seto black tea bowl with his signed box

1414h9 cm

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Cup with his signed box


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Setoguro Oribe Yunomi with his signed box


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