Tadashi Mori


Tadashi Mori(1940-) Mie pref.

Lucky Bird - Incense Burner

The artist is living in a forest filled with the beauty of the nature.
The sound you can hear in his atelier is the songs of the birds ,winds and a small river.
If you can have a chance to talk with him, you can touch his warm heart for the weak
creatures and strong will to help them. His animals are not good-looking but vivid.
He dedicated his life to the beauty of the nature including both good and evil parts.
I can feel his profound despair and deep love to the world in his works.


1940        Born in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture
1958        Graduated from ceramic department, Yokkaichi Technical High School
                Worked as a designer of the Sei-Ei Ceramic Factory in Yokkaichi
1964        One of the founders and representative of the DAC potters group
1968        Established studio Tadashi Craft
1973        One of the founders of the Nagoya Togei Club
1977        Studied Thai folk art through Japan-Thailand cultural exchange program
1980        Released Song of Summer Grass, a documentary film on Mori's ceramic art
1982        Visited sites in Thailand through Japan-Thailand cultural exchange program
1983        Studied the tea ceremony
1985        Established current studio in Sugitani, Komono-cho
Solo Exhibitions
1964        Imai Gallery, Osaka
1983-89   Imai Department Store, Sapporo
                Gallery Cryness, Sendai
                Kawamoto-Ichibankan, Morioka
                Ikebukuro Seibu, Tokyo
                Akasaka Inui Gallery, Tokyo
                Garando Gallery, Nagoya
                Maruzen Gallery, Nagoya
                Daimaru, Osaka & Kochi
                Horodo, Osaka
                Marukoshi Department Store, Kanazawa
                Tosenbo, Kyoto
                Gallery Maronie, Kyoto
1990        Shibuya Seibu, Tokyo
                Akasaka Inui Gallery(1993,2001,2002)
1991        Narita Hotel, Chiba
1992        Yama Gallery, Yokkaichi
                Maruei, Nagoya(1995,1999,2003)
1993       Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi Main Store, Tokyo
                Maruei, Toyohashi(1998,2000,2001)
1994        Hanamido, Kawagoe
                Isetan, Tokyo
1995        Hanamido, Kawagoe
1996        Gallery Tosoan, Nagoya
                Ashikaga Inui Gallery, Ashikaga(1998,1999,2000,2003)
                Horodo, Nagoya International Hotel
1997        Rokujuen, Tsushima
1998        Hashimoto Bijutsu, Nagoya(2000,2002,2003,2004)
2004        Touching Stone Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA(2005)
Group Exhibitions
1976        Faenza International Ceramic Exhibition, Italy
1990        Senshukai, Hotel Okura, Tokyo
                Meme-Pool Exhibition, Tokyo Ohara Center
                Symposium for Amusement, Saitoan, Hagi
1993        Toh Kaigi 6, Mie Prefectural Museum of Art, Tsu
1994        Toh Kaigi 6, Mie Prefectural Museum of Art, Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art
Awards / Selected Publications
1962        Governor of Mie Prize (twice), crafts department of Mie Arts Exhibition
                Chairman of Parliament Prize, crafts department of Mie Arts Exhibition
1963        Governor of Aichi Prize, First Asahi Ceramic Arts Exhibition
                Second Prize, Japan Ceramic Design Competition
1964-70   Silver Prize, Japan Fiber Design Competition
                Copper Prize (twice), Japan Fiber Design Competition
1972        Encouragement Prize, Asahi Ceramic Arts Exhibition
1973        Special Prize (Kawasaki Prize), Asahi Ceramic Arts Exhibition
1975        Special Prize, Chunichi International Ceramic Arts Exhibition
1976        Governor of Aichi Prize, Chunichi International Ceramic Arts Exhibition
1979        Encouragement Prize, Asahi Ceramic Arts Exhibition
1997        Toward a 21st Century Renaissance in Ceramics, Dohosha Ltd. Publisher.
Public Collections
Okushino Sekitei Hotel, Mie
All Nipon Airline Hotel, Osaka
Taikoen, Osaka
Hokke Building, Nobeoka
Chinzanso, Tokyo
Winghill House, Nikko
Narita Hotel, Chiba
Nagoya International Hotel
Rokujuen, Tsushima


Engraved Stand Box

JPY 73,500


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